Government Subsidy Program

Program Overview


Contribute to demand management and widespread adoption of core infrastructure by reducing power consumption and peak power demand through the pilot distribution of smart grid devices and systems

  • Program Period

    January 2012 to April 2016

Project Details

Distribution of AMI

Promote energy conservation by utilizing two-way communication and remote load management functions, and distribute smart electricity meters to enhance awareness of the smart grid system

  • Replace the electricity meters with electronic electricity meters (G-type) for households of general and industry collective consumers (internal consumers), which are subject to multi-unit housing and time-of-use rates
  • Install Data Concentration Unit (DCU), Access Point (AP), Meter Data Management System (MDMS), and other communication devices for better data sharing
Distribution of ESS

Promote the deployment of ESS (Energy Storage Systems) to enhance power quality through periodic or interval-based charging and discharging, mitigate peak power demand, and realize load shifting benefits

  • Install and operate ESS for general and industrial collective buildings and public facilities, which are subject to time-of-use rates
  • Establish and operate the Power Management System (PMS) and Battery management System (BMS) to effectively reduce peak electricity demand
Establishment and Operation of EMS

Establish and operate an AMI & ESS management/operation system to provide various power services through the processing and analysis of energy data

  • AMI - Provide operation, management, and control services for administrators and provide various consumer power services through web and smartphone apps
  • ESS - Provide various system operation, management, and control services (Manual Mode, Auto (Scheduling) Mode, etc.) for administrators

Distribution Performance – As of January 2016, distribution and management of AMI No. 48 and 187, ESS 52, 363kWh

Type 2012 2013 2014 2015 Total
AMI (number) 5,000 11,904 14,340 16,943 48,187
ESS(kWh) 1,000 12,828 20,535 21,000 55,363