Energy Industry Analysis

Energy Industry Analysis (BSI)

  • Regularly monitor market trends in the domestic smart grid industry to assess actual market conditions and establish an efficient, systematic support system to back up the smart grid sector based on actual needs
  • Identify industry-specific issues and policy demands, utilizing them as foundational materials for establishing smart grid industry development plans
Concept and Calculation Method of BSI
  • The BSI is developed by surveying entrepreneurs’ assessments of their current business conditions and prospects to identify economic trends and to forecast upcoming business conditions. Each company’s response is quantified according to the following formula.
  • Range 0 ≤ BSI ≤ 200
    Index value 100 or higher: Improvement in business conditions or an increase in consumer spending
    Index value less than 100: deterioration in business conditions or a decrease in consumer spending
  • Survey Subject

    Companies related to the smart grid industry

  • Survey Period

    Quarterly survey

  • Survey Scale

    3-point scale with high utilization of BSI

  • Survey Method

    Telephone calls, etc.

Survey Item
Type Survey Item Survey Scale
General information Company name, contact information, location, company type, major products, industry, exports, sales, number of employees, etc. Multiple choice and short answers
Comprehensive business assessment Comprehensive business assessment 3-point scale
Business assessment by sector Sales (domestic, export), workforce, product (technology) sales price, new order volume, financial conditions, operating profits 3-point scale
Manufacturing industry-related indicators Product inventory, investment size, raw materials supply, raw materials prices 3-point scale
Challenges in business management Challenges in managing the business during the respective quarter Multiple choice
Policy improvement tasks Opinions on policy improvements for the smart grid industry Short answers