Activation of Distributed Energy

Revitalizing Distributed Energy (MG)

Final Goal

Develop and demonstrate microgrid systems based village level, connecting new and renewable energy sources customized for the tourism and leisure complex

  • Project Period

    November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2024
    (36 months)

  • Project Budget

    Total 2.56 billion won

Project Promotion System
Consortium Company Details
CROCUS Develop and operate an integrated control/operation platform, develop an EV DC-based V2G bidirectional, medium-speed chargers
GES Establish an ESS system, improve the performance of existing convergence energy, and integrate new-renewable energy solutions (replace 50% of the power systems)
Korea Smart Grid Institute (KSGI) Develop energy profit sharing model and develop an Energy Data Expert System
Future Energy Lab Consulting for demonstration projects and research on regulatory improvements such as ordinances for improved acceptability, etc.
Yangpyeong Energy Cooperative Conduct routine inspections and monitoring of demonstration
Major Project Details
    • Analyze demonstration sites
    • Analyze operational status through the Energy Data Expert System and establish, operate, and validate demonstration sites
    • Review the possibility of business commercialization through analysis of demonstration site data
    • Develop an eco-friendly energy supply model and optimize its operation
    • Improve the performance of existing public solar panel systems (link with ESS System)
    • Supply system utilizing forest biomass (heat energy)
    • Microgrid intergrated operation platform based on ICT
    • Develop an architecture for an integrated energy management platform
    • Design and develop data management system based on cloud
    • Develop an eco-friendly energy supply storage system and optimize its operation
    • Design an optimal ESS system and expand the model
    • Develop a V2X charging system based on DC
    • Develop a DC bidirectional V2G charging system
    • Develop measures to utilize DR through an operational analysis
    • Operate an E-Mobility for tourism and leisure complex type
    • Establish an E-Mobility charging system for tourism and leisure complex type
    • Operate electric bicycles or electric two-wheeled vehicles