Energy AI Bigdata

Integrated Management Center (IMC)


Coordinate with the host company’s total operating center (TOC) for the control or integrated operation of the expansion project (at least for 10 years)

Major Function
  • (Comprehensive control) Real-time total monitoring of metering and operational information and support for joint utilization
  • (Verification of effectiveness) Verify operational performance by SG expansion project consortium and business model
IMC’s Major Function (Examples)
  • Monitoring of energy consumption

    Monitor energy usage

    Monitor energy efficiency and facilities

    Monitor energy load

  • Energy Consumption Analysis/Statistics

    Provide information regarding energy statistics

    Provide analysis of energy consumption patterns

    Predict/analyze energy efficiency and demand

  • Optimal Energy Operation/Management

    Manage energy systems and balancing

    Manage equipment and history

    Diagnose failures and manage interface

  • GHG and Target Management

    Manage major index (target, performance)

    Manage greenhouse gas emissions

    Manage reduction goals and implementation

  • Demand Response

    Manage demand resources

    Manage DR execution/propagation incentives

    Analyze patterns and manage facility power quality

Project Details

Establishing a Common Information Model (CIM) for IMC

Develop a common information model (CIM), considering the project’s objectives and characteristics, for project monitoring and data sharing

* Develop definition documents through data surveys of collection and generation by businesses to specify the collection targets and collection intervals for the IMC

Design, Development and Building of IMC
  • Assess each business’s system environment and design the optimal system operational model to ensure data reliability
  • Develop an optimal operational, managerial, and analytical system that ensures interoperability and integrates with systems
  • Establish a system in consideration of the project details, data volume, retention periods, and optimal operation
System Configuration Diagram
System Components
  • HW :UTM, L3 switch, web server, AP server, collection server, analysis server, SMS server, development server, L2 switch, data base server
  • SW : Commercial SW (OS, DB), Development SW (monitoring, operation, management, analysis, SW development)
Operation and Management of IMC System

Conduct reliability verification and monitoring of data collection for each consortium, along with system operation and management for data storage, analysis, and service provision of collected data

Operational Effectiveness Analysis

Analyze operational effectiveness derived from the system operation and service provision of each consortium and project type in the Smart Grid Expansion Project and provide the analysis result report

* AMI-based power services, electric consumption efficiency, power supply efficiency, etc.

Performance Validation

Monitor operational performance by consortium and project type and verify performance compared to goals

Organization Structure