Energy AI Bigdata

Bigdata Platform Project

Final Goal

Establish three distinctive Bigdata platforms for electricity, gas, and heat to collect and share real-time Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) data, laying foundation for business entities to innovate and develop data-driven services and foster new business opportunities.

  • Project Period

    May 1, 2021 to July 31, 2024 (39 months)

  • Project Budget

    Total 21.29 billion won

Project Structure

A total of 29 organizations, including AMI-specialized organizations, companies, universities, and research institutes

Major Project Details
  • Establish an electricity AMI Bigdata platform
  • Design and develop electricity AMI-based energy efficiency services
  • Demonstrate the performance of the electricity AMI Bigdata platform and validation of services
  • Establish a cloud-based common database that takes into account definitions and classifications of consumers, and contract-specific characteristics
  • Develop and establish technology for collecting standards-based by consumer type
  • Establish data preprocessing technologies to correct errors and losses in energy consumption data
  • Develop OpenAPI for user data access, analysis, and processing services
  • Develop developer support services, such as AMI standards, platform, and API
  • Develop convergence security technologies for the server and service security