Vision & Goal


Establish secure and innovative smart grid infrastructure to create an efficient
energy utilization environment and generate new engines of growth
Smart grid industry promotion agency that pioneers innovation in the energy utilization environment
Goal of 2024
Strengthen the Institute’s competitiveness by promoting the widespread adoption of energy big data and distributed energy-based smart grids
Establish a groundwork for the widespread adoption of energy big data and distributed energy
Enhance the competitiveness of the domestic smart grid industry and strengthen global cooperation
Create an operational environment for active business expansion


  • Boosting digital transformation of the energy industry

    Residential smart power platform project

    Development and demonstration of AMI data trading platform and service technology

    Development of an integrated platform for old apartment houses

  • Expanding distributed energy-based regional smart grids

    Demonstration of new renewable energy-based microgrids

    Formulation of response plans for distributed energy special zones and the Special Act on the Promotion of Distributed Energy System

    Operation and management of the SG expansion business and IMC

    Laying the foundation for an AC/DC hybrid distribution network testbed

  • Enhancing the competitiveness of the domestic smart grid industry and strengthening global cooperation

    Participation in ISGAN Secretariat and working group (WG) activities

    Analysis of theSG market competitiveness and conducting BSI survey and reporting

    (Jeonnam) Support for the growth of the Regional Innovation Cluster and establishment of a global cooperation framework

    (Jeonnam) Advancement of the Regional Innovation Cluster‘s new energy industry OpenLAB

    (Jeonnam) Support for the establishment of the new energy industry‘s global innovation special zone

  • Establishing sustainable operational strategies for the Institute

    Revitalization of the Jeonnam Gwangju Regional HQ

    Preparation and implementation of financial stability measures

    Establishment of measures to enhance workforce expertise

    Establishment of marketing strategies aligned with strategic tasks