Chairman’s Message

Korea Smart Grid Institute (KSGI), a Pioneer in the Emerging Energy Sector
I am Jongyoung YI, the Chairman of the Korea Smart Grid Institute (KSGI).
Welcome to the website of KSGI.

In light of recent trends, including the strengthening of greenhouse gas reduction initiatives (Post-2020) and shifts in the energy paradigm, the energy sector in Korea is poised for innovative transformations. Convergence-based new industries are on the rise, and there is a notable shift in people’s perception of energy consumption. In response to these shifts, the government is dedicated to fostering new energy industries.

As a specialized agency dedicated to advancing the smart grid industry, we have made it our mission to develop a comprehensive mid-to-long-term vision, while fostering the smart grid sector as the driving force behind growth in the emerging energy industry.

We have laid a solid groundwork for the systematic development of laws and regulations related to the smart grid. Additionally, our involvement in smart grid demonstration and distribution projects has played a pivotal role in creating new markets. At the same time, we have advanced technology development, conducted demonstrations, and facilitated commercialization of smart grids while building and validating new business models.
Furthermore, we have made significant investments in creating testing and certification systems to ensure a stable infrastructure for smart grid development. In our pursuit of global leadership, we have actively supported the global smart grid industry through various partnerships and collaborations.

Moving forward, we will continue to serve as a leading agency in the smart grid sector, leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to foster an ecosystem for the widespread adoption of smart grids and to effectively implement government policies.

We firmly believe that smart grids represent advanced technology infrastructure enabling the efficient utilization of limited power resources. With the successful expansion and establishment of smart grids, we hope to maximize energy efficiency, achieve carbon neutrality, and advance our national economy. Your efforts and support in our work will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Jongyoung Yi,Chairman